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Slaanesh, the Dark Father

20 října, 2012
Slaanesh, the Dark Father of Undergods

Slaanesh, the Dark Father of Undergods

The druchii of Cynath Arhain see Slaanesh as the consort of Ereth Khial and father of all other cytharai. For them He is a god of pleasure and the most mighty of all elven gods including Asuryan himself. Andurial is seen as the avatar of Slaanesh and thus his position as the Witch Lord of the Viper Realm is unquestionable.

Caras believe that Four Gods of Chaos are simply the four strongest gods in existence and that Slaanesh is of elven origin, while the other three were born from primitive minds of lesser races. Born from seduction of Asuryan by Morai Heg, Slaanesh is also called the Dark Prince and is destined to overthrow His despotic bigoted father and thus set all Elves free from his prudish oppression, but He cannot do so until He first defeats the other three chaos gods.

No druchii of Cynath Arhain can worship any undergod without praising the Dark Father at the same time, for any specific excess dedicated to other cytharai feeds Slaanesh as well. Thus all caras are actually Slaaneshi worshippers, even as almost all of them give themselves primarily to one of lesser cytharai.

While relationships between the Dark Prince and His mother, wife and children are very complex and sometimes almost hostile, there is a strong bond among the cytharai born from their mutual hatred for cadai and three chaos gods. Off all His children the Dark Father favors most his daughter Atharti, the goddess of love, just as he openly despises his demented son Khaine, the god of murder.

Thus it is no surprise that the Temple of Atharti is the most powerful cult among the druchii of Cynath Arhain and that the worship of Khaine is one of the few offences punishable by death. It is also the main reason of eternal hatred between Andurial and Hag Queen Hellebron, who seeks to destroy the all caras for many centuries now.

These druchii also believe that all daemonettes were once elven mortals and that all forest spirits used to be slaaneshi daemons. While such ideas look absurd to many outsiders, caras seem to be sure in their beliefs. It is also noteworthy that most sorcerous aspects of this druchii society are seen as doings of other cytharai like the presence of daemons serving Atharti. In battle these druchii call upon various cytharai, but it is ultimately Slaanesh who is most praised on battlefield. This is because most caras warriors engage in battles willingly mainly in order to feel pleasures, which can only be experienced in war, outside of their wickedly peaceful realm.

It might seem that society composed of such extreme hedonists would dislike battle, yet opposite is the truth. Caras are among the most warlike Elves, cause despite their hatred for Khaine they too are cursed by the drawing of the Widowmaker and thus great bloodlust sings in their veins. Strange and peculiar Witch Lord Andurial strictly forbids any acts of violence among his people, and thus most of these druchii beg to join his armies in order to experience pleasure from causing pain.

To many outsiders Slaanesh thus might seem more like a god of pain and war, for His name is mainly restricted to battlefield just as we Asur also call upon Khaine only in times of war. To me He appears as a god of vengeance here in Cynath Arhain, for all his praising during battle is seen as avenging all hedonists from both past and future, whose desires were not fulfilled because of blind misguided enemies.

As it was foretold by the Queen Mother Morathi, the whole Viper Realm now exists only because of favor of Slaanesh. It is only through His blessing that the Witch Lord and Princess Adigha reign supreme in their realm, should He release the caras from the Velvet Pact, they shall be united no more, the authority of their rulers would no longer be unquestioned and the rebellions will be sure to come. Worse yet, all Viper Coasts and the whole Viper Underworld are infested with hordes of His Daemons just as Viper Woods are filled with herds of Slaangors. Without the Velvet Pact these masses shall fall upon their former elven masters in a heartbeat.

When I first saw how openly Slaanesh is praised in Cynath Arhain, I instantly wondered how these druchii…these caras… can be so blind to their inevitable doom from the hands of their unholy deity. Not only do they consort with daemons and slaangors in insane manner, wear pink and blue velvet dedicated to him all the time and make themselves more and more dependent on His will with every passing century, they also refuse to see their God as anything else than utterly loving and benevolent deity.

When I mentioned my shock to Adigha, she simply laughed and reminded me that caras have lived without experiencing His punishment or betrayal for so long, that such worries would be unfounded. Obviously Adigha and Andurial think…or at least hope…that blind faith of caras shall be enough to reshape nature of this otherwise selfish uncaring god. Yet I suspect she and her father have doubts about favor of their patron. I am also certain that there is one great secret that Adigha is keeping both from me and her people, yet what could that be even I don’t dare to guess…

Teclis, the First Loremaster of Hoeth   ,


Elven Naaru Elune and Anshe ?

7 srpna, 2011

We Archmages of Dalaran have always been fascinated with religion of the Elves. While most people believe that it was humans who taught the High Elves about the Light, we of Kirin Tor know better. Though the Queldorei have altered their teachings about the Eternal Sun to match the view of the Church of Light and Silver Hand, they channeled the golden magic of Light together with Arcane long before our kind found its way from barbarism.

Naaru Elune and Anshe

Naaru Elune and Anshe

According to legends of ancient races of Kalimdor, the Titans left our world shortly after they imprisoned the Old Gods. Soon two strange visitors came to Azeroth. Though incorporeal by then, they used to be mortal once. On Azeroth they found one of the seeds of the Titans, from which their own former race was once born. Elune, the Silver One, wanted to manipulate these seeds into becoming the same advanced race from which the Naaru originated. But Anshe, the Golden One, had little believe in mentioned brutes. He withdraw to Sun, where he slept in its blazing core for centuries.

Meanwhile Elune has transformed into its former mortal elven shell, which she abandoned long time ago during the Forgotten War between Naaru and Voidwalkers. She has found her home on Moon, which was closer to her beloved Azeroth. She contacted vile trolls and led them to the Well of Eternity used its powers to quicken the evolution of the trolls into the Kaldorei. Then she spawned Cenarius, the Demigod of the Night Elves. For thousands of years she nurtured her children until the War of the Ancients.

Elven Naaru Golden Sun Father Aparo and Silver Mother Moon Elune

Elven Naaru Golden Sun Father Aparo and Silver Mother Moon Elune

Then Anshe awakened and blamed Elune for bringing Burning Legion into Azeroth. He spotted a group of exiled Highborne in Lordareon and saw potential in them. He too retake his mortal body chose the High Elves as his favourite children. He blessed their Sunwell with his divine powers. This shows that the original Sunwell was source of holy magic just as the new one renewed by Draenai Prophet Velen.

The High Elves have founded the Brotherhood of Light. These High Elf Priests would gain loyalty of whole Alliance and thus control of the religious beliefs in whole Azeroth. Today the Blood Elves try to use the Divine Magic of Eternal Sun as a way of escaping their Arcane Addiction.  The Blood Knights and Blood Priests see their own race as the chosen and favoured by the Sun-Light and look down upon holy magic of lesser races.