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Viviana, the Moon Queen of the Elvhenan, the Hero of Ferelden, the Warden Commander

28 června, 2012

In the Age of the Dragons there was a Grey Warden called Fiona. This beautiful elven maiden together with warden Duncan and King Maric faced the infamous Architect, whom she recognized as one of the ancient tevinter magisters of old. The raven haired girl in her desperation secretly became a blood mage, a maleficar. After giving away her son Alistair to his father Maric, she realized that by using blood magic she helped the Forgotten Gods of the Void to influence Thedas once more.

But in her dreams she saw all the Creators including the Maker and they told her not to despair, for even blood magic could serve the Good in the end. Thus she contacted her admired friend, First Enchanter Orsino, and lied with him under the gaze of stars in ancient temple filled with lyrium. A baby girl was born as it was foretold by the Creators and Fiona named her child Viviana.

Though little Viviana resembled her parents, she was the most beautiful Elf in Thedas. Not only were her features a work of art, her eyes were blue like sea and her hair as white as snow. Blue tattoos marked her face even before she was born just as her lips, cheeks and eyelids were naturally teal. She was a somniari, a Dreamer, a seer and and wise she was as well.

Human templars took the girl away, though she lived for few years with her mother both in Lothering and later in Denerim Alianege. Fiona was not warned that she would lose her second child as well and in anger she turned to blood magic again and as the Grand Enchanter who much later led the mages into rebellion.

Viviana thanks to her scrying powers predicted her coming to the Circle Tower of Mages in Calenhad. Soon she became the most talented student in the history of the Circle, and Senior Enchanters Wynne and Uldred soon noticed the child progeny. She became a favorite pupil of the First Enchanter Irwing himself and secret love of templar Cullen.

Just after she broke the record of quickest Harrowing in history, she and her maleficar friend Jowan got in trouble with the templars, which she predicted as well. Through foreseen path she escaped the Tower with the Grey Warden Duncan, who made her one of them. Little did he know that just like her mother she would never be corrupted by the Blight and that it would only enhance her powers and immortality.

In Ostagard she met her secret half-brother Alistair, who immediately fell in love with her. They two alone survived the following battle thanks to Flemeth, the Shapeshifter, the Witch of the Wilds. Flemeth thought she was the puppeteer, but Viviana was even greater seer than her and so she predicted every step of both the Archdemon and the Flemeth.

Viviana was the most powerful somniari since Andraste herself. The Creators themselves guided her and this time she already was an awesome spirit healer and commanded powers of ice, earth and thunder. From the witch Morrigan she learned the art of Shapeshifting, one of the many ways lost to the Elvhen. Though Viviana became the only friend of Morrigan, the witch still found herself scared when she watched how powerful Viviana was.

So infamous was she that the whole Ferelden already called her THE WARDEN. Even the quinari Sten bowed before her might and wisdom just as did the famous Leliana of Orlais. Both Leliana and Alistair desperately fell in love with her. It was not only her beauty, which invoked such a desire among most mortals. Viviana had the most beautiful voice in the world and with she could persuade even dragon into calming down. Her enchanted voice could only be outmatched by blood magic, which had negative side effects of its own.

Alistair and Viviana lost their virginity together, although Viviana already knew about their bond of blood. Even later when she told the truth to Alistair in false tears, he would not stop loving her. He was her slave for eternity, whether he realized it not.

She led her companions to her former home and prison, the Tower of Mages, where she recruited her mentor Wynne and slaughtered the blood mages, demons and abominations including Uldred. Even Irwing himself was saved by her. From now on she would be worshipped as goddess by these mages for the following decades.

Wynne became her another unknowing pawn just as the golem Shale and the dwarf Oghren. Eventually she was ambushed by her foreseen mate, Zevran. The assassin just like all Elvhen had a certain magical talent, so she taught him lost nature summonings of long forgotten elven rangers of old. He could melt into shadows and dance in battle like a god thanks to her training. She showed him how to use elvhen voice and thus he bested all known assassins, rangers and bards in history.


Felicia Day, Královna wowkařů

16 listopadu, 2011
Felicia Day Actress Felicia Day arrives at the launch of Warner Bros. 'Mortal Kombat Legacy' at Saint Felix II on April 14, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Felicia Day, zrzavá císařovna wowkařů, nerdů a RP závisláků

Jeden z mých oblíbených filmů je Bring it on again a jedna z mých nejoblíbenějších postav je alternativně intelektuální baletka Penelope, kterou hraje má nová zrzavá bohyně, Felicia. Tato herečka vystudovala hudební konzervatoř excelováním v baletu, zpěvu a hře na violoncello. V Hollywoodu se ale neprosadila, byla příliš osobitá, svéhlavá, alternativní a lidská. Všichni ji odmítali jako divně vypadajícího podivína, právem si vysloužila titul královna nerdů. Dnes je známa hlavně jako nejkrásnější nerd na světě! Miluje počítačové hry jako Václav Klaus nácky. Je chytrá, charismatická, bojovná a tvrdohlavá. Nenechala se zničit šikanou povrchních mainstreamových mamlasů a obešla systém. Napsala si vlastní seriál a sama ho produkovala. Je o jejím vlastním životě a v hlavní roli hraje sama sebe, hezkou zrzavou wowkařku Codex. První episody trvají stěží tři minuty každá, ale zasvěcení nerdi se smějí každou vteřinu. Když jsem si myslel, že ji už více milovat nemohu…hle! Napsala, natočila a produkovala seriál Dragon Age Redemption, který je samozřejmě opět úžasný! Felicia Day je avatar vzpoury, mstivý anděl utlačovaných, který obchází systém přes internet a alternativní zdroje! Je inspirací pro všechny, kteří chtějí změnit svět!

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