5 října, 2013

Arcane Incubus Burning Harmony Devoted Hedonist Dragon Maiden Dreams about Incubi Furious Widow Giver of Pleasures Hedonist Avenger Hedonistic Cultist Chamber of Orgies Infernal Glamour Infernal Harp Infernal Orgy Infernal Seduction Infernal Siren Infernal Tutor Infernal Womb Interplanar Pilgrim Kiss for the Misguided Mada the Archpriest Master of Pleasures Mountain Passionate Justice Pilgrims Search Point at the Liar Protection from Pain Release the Urges Rest with Satyrs Singing Succubus Tyrants Punishment Utopic Inferno Venussa God of Love Whispering Incubi Wings of Passion Wrath of the Goddess

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