1.Chapter : The Dawn

Srpen 29, 2009

Grand Magister Rommath, the leader of Blood Mages of Sindorei, had never been so nervous. She was coming…after all these years…she was alive…He was standing near the Shrine of the Sunstrider bathing in sunlight.

Rommath wondered if she knew how much had Quel’Thalas changed. Before the Third War it was ruled by king and his council. Divine magic was held almost entirely by all-male priests of the Brotherhood of Light and the League of Sorceresses had monopoly on arcane arts, although male wizards with frost and water spells were common as well.

Remembering past was too painful. That was why she and prince Kael renamed their people. That was why roofs were now red, leaves gold and people harsh. His nation had to forget in order free itself from lust for vengeance.

Otherwise we will end up like Kael, thought Grand Magister for himself. Then he saw it. Phoenixes like this one were considered as holy by Sindorei, because they symbolized their own rebirth. Only most powerful of his Blood Mages were able to summon these magnificent creatures.

Braelyn Firehand, the former icon of his people, landed with her blazing mount right before him. She was not classically beautiful, yet there were few hearts she could not break. She was a former wife of Dath’Remar Sunstrider, mother of his son and founder of the League of Sorceresses. Many Sindorei thought of her as a mother of their race for she was indeed the one who helped them to unite under banner of her grandson, the Kael’thas Sunstrider.

As she jumped off phoenix’s back he knelt and kissed her hand. He last saw her in Outland during her fight with Kael, after which she fled back to Azeroth.  She was now wearing hideous orcish clothes and her crimson hair was twisting like serpents thanks to her eagerness.

“Nice to see you again, dear friend. Now…where is he?” she said while anxiously looking around.

She suddenly spotted three figures standing before the Shrine: two dryads and one Keeper of the Grove. She was about to destroy them, when she realized they were not of kaldorei origin. Their emerald skin and copper hair were glowing with arcane magic, something Night elves would hardly tolerate.

“Those are former druids of Caer Darrow. They have survived the Undead Scourge and now they became part of plan orchestrated by your former apprentice,” explained Rommath.

Braleyn was shocked. Was it mistake to choose Quelshara Goldenstar for the role of the Supreme Sorceress? Has she gone mad? Playing with powers of Burning Legion was one thing, but treacherous druidism was something different.

“She and Hamuul Grimtoten, the Arch Druid of the Horde, intend to heal our homeland and free it from the taint of the Scourge. Flow of magic is slowly turning back to Quel’Thalas under watchful eyes of tauren druids,” continued the Grand Magister.

Braelyn eyed the transformed elves warily. She knew that the first generation of these creatures was made of former Night elves, who allowed Cenarius to transform them through his vile magic. These wicked fools soon became lovers of their damned demigod and from their perverted union the dryads and Keepers of the Growth were born.     

Tauren druids obviously found a way how to repeat this process and intended to populate her land with those strange guardians. Her former pupil, Quelshara, undoubtedly gained a lot power by befriending those hairy brutes. Yes…Quelshara was the right choice…

“What about the boy? Where is that child? I need to see him at once!” hissed the sorceress and grabbed his collar by force, obviously forgetting who she was dealing with. No she isn’t, he realized. Braleyn was hot-tempered even as a high elf and titles like Grand Magister meant only litter to her.

“Be patient, my lady, he will be coming soon. Liadrin is probably giving him a hard time again,”

That was truth. Quelshara Goldenstar wanted the best education for her son and so young Eldin studied divine magic with Lady Liadrin, the Matriarch of the Blood Knights, arcane sorcery with Rommath and wonders of nature with Hamuul Grimtotem. Not to mention martial arts and diplomacy.

“By the way, lady Brealyn, I wish to apologize. You were right about Kael…We should have listened to you…We just loved him and our love blinded us…Where have you been all the time?”

“No need to apologize. Nobody believed in my grandson more than I. From the decision to study fire magic further to make an alliance with Illidan I always agreed with him. I supported him and I do not regret it. We Sunfury accomplished a lot thanks to him. But then he gone too far…One thing is using the demons, another is serving them,”

Rommath realized she did not answer his question on purpose, which made him nervous. What was she doing all these years? Where could she possibly go?

Eldin and his personal squad of spellbreakers arrived. He really resembled his mother a lot, although thanks to his golden mane and incredibly handsome face it was also easy to guess identity of his father. He was after all son of Kael and the last offspring of the Sunstrider dynasty…

Thrall, the Warchied of the Horde, was getting annoyed. This situation was getting worse and worse. It was a mistake to tolerate warlocks in Orgrimmar in first place. He should execute them the moment they came to his city.

“These “loyal” ones also offer us assistance in attacking the cultists,” continued Drek`Thar, his former teacher, loyal friend and one of the most powerful shamans on Azertoh.

“Let me get this straight: These “corrupted” warlocks were living beneath Orgrimmar with our “loyal” warlocks for more than a year. Now they began fighting each other and the “bad ones” fled further into underground tunnels, which are called Ragefire Chasm,”

“Exactly. I despise warlocks more than anyone, Thrall, but these seem to be really reliable. And there is no doubt, that the others really are part of the Searing Blade. These demon-worshippers are now trapped and we should deal with them before they manage to escape.”

Thrall was thinking. There could still be some cultists left in the Cleft of Shadows. Local warlocks really seemed to be loyal, but there was no way how to be sure. If he goes to Ragefire Chasm now, he may unknowingly cooperate with agents of the enemy…

Searing Blade was a part of a greater organization called Shadow Council. This huge community of warlocks served the Burning Legion, a terrible army of demons seeking to destroy known universe. As such they were seen as grave danger for both Alliance and Horde.

“So be it. I will lead the assault myself. I shall slaughter those traitors and you would take care of my duties as a Warchief until I return,” declared Thrall.

Drek`Thar seemed unconvinced. He sensed danger and trickery in actions of the cultists. Could it be some kind of trap? And what about Frostwolf Clan? He was supposed to be back by now. What if the Alliance attacks his home?

Thrall seemed to understand as he always did. He took a hand of the old shaman into his huge palm and tried to calm him. He too had doubts, but Searing Blade had to be eliminated soon.

Five hours later he and a small army of orc grunts were ready to fight. Drek`Thar wanted to send some shamans with him, but Thrall decided to take warlocks from the Cleft of Shadows as supporting spellcasters this time.

When they entered the lower level of Orgrimmar, the grunts started to act nervously. The Cleft of Shadows was visited by common orcs only in desperate times, when lore of beloved shamans was not powerful enough to help them with their problems.

A dozen of warlocks approached their Warchief and he had to admit that he felt uneasy in their presence. Thrall was incredibly powerful shaman and as such despised warlocks who drove orcs into hands of demons back in Draenor. But as a leader of his people he had to be tolerant.

Warlocks already located enemy thanks to spell called the Eye of Kilrog, one of many tricks which Thrall despised so much. Thus finding cultists was quite an easy task. The traitors already summoned considerable army of demons and Thrall knew he had to act before they summon something worse.

With savage roars, the Horde stormed into Ragefire Chasm. Scouts of the enemy were instantly slaughtered and Thrall decided to take advantage of current situation and smash the rest of cultist as quickly as possible.

Demons were numerous, but tricks of his warlocks eliminated most of them. Thrall casted mighty earthquake upon caverns inhabited by cultists. Panicked acolytes were desperately escaping their doom, leaving summoning circles to their fate.

Thrall smashed skull of a felguard and then casted lightning which torn three doomguards apart. One summoned pitlord tried to make some trouble, but he was soon cut to pieces by his strong grunts.

Battle was developing very well indeed. Remains of demons and corrupted orcs from the Searing Blade showed only little resistance. But something was not as it should be. Then he realized: his warlocks were no longer casting their vile spells.

Warchief quickly glanced at the hill, where his spellcasters channeled curses moment ago, only to see them being slaughtered by his own grunts! Expecting traitors among inhabitants of the Cleft of Shadows he forgot to look for spies among his fellow warriors!

His mighty warhammer started to glow with silver light as he called upon spirits of thunder, when an incredibly powerful spell hit him. Thrall was paralyzed and had to watch his remaining loyal grunts being slaughtered by cultists and traitors.

Fortunately he also saw a group of scouts making their way back to the surface. Perhaps they could bring help in time…Suddenly a terrible laugh echoed across caverns and an old orc stepped into Thrall`s view.

“Tremble fools, for I am Fel`dan, the true master of the Horde, and you are all doomed!”

Eldin Sunstrider was really tired. Using both fire and divine magic on the same day was for most mortals impossible and for him awfully exhausting. He was however looking forward to see Hamuul. The tauren druid was one his closest friends and taught him very interesting things.

He was on an enchanted meadow full of dancing treants when a strange creature arrived. It looked almost like an orc, but it was far bigger and possessed strange beige-colored skin. Beside him roamed giant brown bear. The creature friendly nodded and approached him.

Rexxar, the Champion of the Horde, was a hybrid born from a relationship of an orc and an ogre. He has traveled both Azeroth and Outland in order to find his clan- Mok`Nathal, which he eventually did. But live with his relatives did bring him neither happiness nor peace.

He was a creature of the Horde now, always ready to travel with his loyal comrade: bear Misha. When he was asked to teach some young Sindorei about wildlife, he was offended. Then they told him about elf´s secret identity and he changed his mind.

Furthermore Quel`Thalas was land beautiful beyond description. At least what had remained of it. Rexxar admired both Magisters for creating environment with arcane magic and tauren druids for making this system work.

“I am Rexxar Mok`Nathal, the Champion of the Horde. I come to teach you about secrets of wilderness for the sake of the Horde,” announced the half-breed.

“And I am Eldin Goldenstar, son of the Supreme Sorceress. It would be honor to become your apprentice, mighty one,” announced the boy.

Rexxar eyed the boy warily. Before the Third War, High Elves younger than 50 years were not considered to be more than children. The standards of this race have changed rapidly since the invasion of Undead Scourge. Now every Sindorei capable of bearing weapon or battle-spell was adult. It was also no secret that Blood Elves were using potions to make their children grow up much quicker than it was natural.

This boy was not only very young, but also very clever. When speaking to strangers he purposely used his mother´s name in order to hide his father´s identity from suspicious persons. Or so Rexxar believed.

Hour later Rexxar he realized, that young Eldin had actually no idea who his father was. The beastmaster had almost let it slip out. Young prince´s identity was so secret, that it was kept even from him.

They were watching a pair of mating lynxes, when Rexxar realized how much had Quel´Thalas changed thanks to efforts of Quelshara and her allies. Eldin showed him with a simple magical trick how did this land look before its destruction.

The trees used to be green, flow of arcane energy controlled by runestones, buildings were decorated with blue materials instead of red and the whole land was in peace.

Now in order to free the land from the grip of the Scourge, new species were welcomed by Sindorei into magically healed woods of Eversong Forest. Harpies, dryads and many more creatures were being used as a living barrier between Blood Elves, Amani and Scourge.

Misha suddenly seemed tensed and Rexxar quickly drew his axes in order to protect Eldin from terrible creatures, which emerged from shadows. They were shivarras, of that he was sure. These terrible she-demons served as priestesses of the Burning Legion.

Trying to keep those wretched monsters away from his apprentice, Rexxar pushed the boy behind him and prepared for battle…

Drek´Thar was desperate. His army already slaughtered all cultist in Ragefire Chasm, but there was no trace of either Thrall or that wicked Fel´dan. Fel´dan! After all these years this treacherous worm returned. Drek´Thar would give anything to get his hands on that inglorious bastard!

He was one the most powerful warlocks of the Old Horde, cofounder of Shadow Council and right hand of the hated Guldan. Drek´Thar always hoped he died with the others, but he was too naive. Such mongrels do not die that easily.

Suddenly a mighty creature approached. Its skin was brown, which meant that this orc came from their original world: Draenor. Drek´Thar felt pain in his chest every time he remembered his old home, which was now shattered to pieces.

“I am Garrosh Hellscream, son of Grom Hellscream! I demand the title of Warchief until we rescue Thrall from the grip of the Shadow Council!” roared the visitor.

“Let the spirits guide you, mighty Hellscream. I am Drek´Thar, the chief and shaman of the Frostwolf Clan. I was asked by Thrall to become the Warchief until he returns and I intend to keep my word.”

Drek´Thar expected the orc to burst into rage, but Garrosh seemed strangely calm as if he knew this already. Hellscream humbly came before Warchief´s throne and knelt before Drek´Thar. All present warriors gasped in surprise. Such behavior was hardly typical for this usually arrogant warrior.

“Then I bow before your wisdom, great shaman. I only beg you to allow me to lead the assembled army to Jaedenar in order to rescue Thrall from these wretched cowards!”

“Jaedenar? Why do you think they took him there?”

“I have my spies among Shadow Council. They have gathered vast army in dungeons under Felwood. I have come here with my own warriors and I wish to start a siege of Jaedenar as soon as possible,”

Gathered warlords and battlemasters applauded and Drek´Thar knew he had no choice but to grant permission to this assault. He nodded in approval and all gathered veterans from Warsong Offensive cried in joy and hailed their leader.

“Then we shall join your army as well,” announced strange melodic voice.

A beautiful sindorei maiden stepped into the hall. She was accompanied by dozen other elven girls. Drek´Thar recognized them as sorceresses, for he had fought many battles against them during a Third War when they were still part of the Alliance.

They used to be nightmare for warriors of Horde, for single sorceress could cripple dozen of grunts by wave of a hand or change the proudest battlemaster into wretched sheep, striping thus Horde of all honor and dignity.

Elven sorceresses were indeed one of the most hated units in arsenal of the Alliance, but that was no more. Now they together with other Blood Elves fought for the Horde. Now it was soldiers of the Alliance who were being slowed by magical tricks while fighting the grunts of the Horde. Now it was mighty heroes of Alliance who often found themselves transformed into four-legged animals.

“And why would you, sorceress, like to join our army so eagerly, when there are surely many battles to be fought in your own land?” asked the old shaman.

“Because I am Quelshara Goldenstar, widow of Kael Sunstrider and mother of Eldin Sunstrider, the only heir of the throne of Silvermoon. The damned Shadow Council kidnapped my son few days ago and brought him to Jaedenar, where they locked him together with our beloved Warchief,”

This was indeed interesting. Everyone seemed shocked. Not everyone actually. Drek´Thar realized, that Garrosh is not acting as he would expect. Hellscream seemed very calm and confident and the old shaman began to suspect treachery…

Braleyn was resting when her mirror started to glow. She rose up from her bed and walked across her chamber to the burning image inside.

“That half-breed was indeed powerful. All of my daughters are dead. I hope their lives have not been wasted!”

The projection of great female demon blurred thanks to her anger. Braelyn did not like the way she was talking to her. Better explain the situation to her right now, instead of hearing her mockery one more time.

“Listen, Shahraz, I am in no mood for your outbursts. You live thanks to me. You owe me. I promised you head of our common enemy: Banehollow. All I asked in return was little help from you. So stop acting like my equal, because compared to me you are just a childish demonic slut!”

Mother Shahraz, the Queen of Shivarras, roared in her fury, but Brealyn showed no fear before this mighty demon. She despised all servants of the Burning Legion, for these filthy monsters were responsible for destruction of her beloved homeland. All she had in common with this foolish shivarra was a desire for Banehollow´s undoing.

Dreadlord Banehollow was one of the Nathrezim who manipulated Arthas and his undead minions into invading Quel´Thalas. He was also to blame for corrupting her lovely grandson: Kael Sunstrider, the Sun King.

When Kael banished her from Outland, she promised to avenge herself by destroying this treacherous dreadlord, for no creature has harmed her people more than he. And her time was about to come.

Brealyn turned the magical connection off and moved the mirror into the darkest corner of her personal chamber. Then she called for her servants. Dozen mighty satyrs were now serving her as bodyguards and spies in Jaedenar, current base of Shadow Council on Azeroth.

Brealyn had no love for these creatures, but they were at least of elven origin, which was something very rare among stinking inhabitants of the dungeons of Jaedenar. Satyrs were incredibly loyal to her, but she wanted them dead anyway as the rest of the Shadow Council.

Six of them accompanied her while she strode through dark tunnels. Fel´dan was in a good mood when she arrived and that was a bad sign. She bowed before Dreadlord Banehollow, the master of Jaedenar.

Fel´dan was showing off again. He was obviously describing how he kidnapped Thrall, the Warchief of the Horde. Meanwhile two succubi caressed the orc warlock. Braleyn had to suppress a smile, for one of these succubi was actually an agent of Mother Shahraz and thus eyes and ears of Braelyn when it came to actions of Fel´dan, the mighty Shadow Lord of the Shadow Cnouncil.

“You are late, Braelyn,” hissed Banehollow.

“I am sorry, dreadlord, but unlike omnipotent Shadow Lord I did not want our prisoners to escape so I spent hours by channeling enchantments to prevent them from leaving their cells. Great Fel´dan obviously believes he can imprison incredibly powerful shaman and mage just by closing a door,”

Fel´dan was furious and lost control over himself for a moment, but he eventually calmed down. With deadly stare he eyed the elven witch and then turned back to Nathrezim.

“I left there whole army of demons, they could not escape, dreadlord,” explained orc.

“Well if you think we can miss a whole army in this dire situation…,” laughed former sorceress.

“Dire situation?” asked Banehollow with raised eyebrow.

“Dire indeed, dreadlord. Our Shadow Lord managed to turn whole Horde against us. Not to mention losing whole army of cultists in the process…”

“I have captured Warchief! The great shaman and warrior! Of course it cost some units you treacherous viper!” cried Fel´dan and almost raised his cursed bone-staff.

“Well I managed to capture Sunstrider heir completely alone, without help, without making Horde attack us and without telling them where we are,” snapped the elf.

This time Banehollow seemed really angry. His green eyes burned with demonical fire and his whole body glowed with toxic light.

“Oh yes, dreadlord. Fel´dan left so many captured cultists behind him, that they eventually learned from them our location. Huge army led by Garrosh Hellscream is on its way,” whispered Braelyn and left the room…


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