Cytharai X Cadai

Květen 14, 2009

The Birth of the Triplet

Long ago the Old Ones reigned. They shaped countless worlds for their mysterious purpose including the World of the Dragons.

On those worlds they placed various races they created. From them would come armies which would be used by Old Ones against their hated foes: mysterious Star Gods called C´Thun.Ereth Khial, the Dark Mother, Morai Heg, the Crone

One of these races was the Eldar, on the World of the Dragons called Elves. From a psyche of these creatures was born the ancient Elven Triplet: Asuryan, Isha and Ereth Khial, although all of them were originally just souls of three mortal Eldar heroes.

While Asuryan and Ereth Khial represented light and darkness in the Elven Soul, Isha was born from the wish for harmony and balance.

Together the Triplet reigned in the Warp over lesser elven faeries and deities.

Until Old Ones created another races and the balance of the Warp was thus shattered forever.

The Wedding

Everqueen Isha and Phoenix King AsuryanFrom wicked Human Soul the Chaos Gods were born. Among lesser chaotic deities ruled three great Ruinous Gods: Khorne, Tzeentch and Nurgle.

The Chaos Triplet soon challenged the Elven Triplet. Soon great war began in the Warp, while in the material universe Old Ones still fought against vile Star Gods.

But Asuryan came with a plan. He married himself with Isha and thus through bonding the Light and Neutral aspects in Elven Soul he gave the Eldar ultimate protection against the evil gods of Chaos.

The Age of the Crone

With elven psyche immune against the corruption of Chaos, the evil gods turned their burning gaze to less important races.

But Ereth Khial was neither pleased with current situation. Seeing marriage between Asuryan and Isha as treachery, she changed into a form of ancient Hag and for centuries she was Morai Heg, the Cronefuriously wailing across the Warp.

Eldar called this period the Age of the Crone, for all this time they suffered because of countless nightmares.

Ereth Khial, now called also Morai-Heg, stalked across the Warp with a horde of banshees, Rephallim and other elven wraiths.

Soon Isha became pregnant. She gave birth to many children. Lileath, Hoeth, Kurnous and other elven gods soon danced across the Warp.

Children of Isha were numerous and the Eldar happily accepted them as part of the Elven Soul. Asuryan was now called the Phoenix King and Isha the Everqueen.

Such was the fury of Morai-Heg, that she roared all across the Warp and even the mightiest Chaos Gods trembled.


Slaanesh, the Dark Prince, the Great EnemyWhile her anger diminished her hatred remained. Morai-Heg changed back into Ereth Khial and began with her vengeance.

She looked far and wide into a future. As a seer-goddess she knew how misleading and tricking can be the ways of fate.

She contacted Slaanesh, elven spirit, which embodied the decadent face of elven psyche.

She made a dark pact with this treacherous creature. Soon all elven gods watched in shock as Ereth Khial married this idle entity.

The Eldar now worshipped Slaanesh as one of gods. In every temple of Ereth Khial there would be little shrine to praise this former spirit.

With so many worshippers Slaanesh soon became a true god.

The Dark Mother

Nethu, the DoorkeeperSoon Ereth Khial gave birth to deities so sinister, that they made even Chaos Gods uneasy.

Asuyran watched as Eldar accepted even them. The children of the Phoenix King and the Everqueen were now called Cadai, while children of Dark Mother and Dark Prince were known as Cytharai.

Then it happened. Dark Prince seduced countless humans into his clutches. With their faith he became powerful as Asuryan himself.

He was so powerful and vile, that he had become fourth god of Chaos. Khorne, Tzeentch and Nurgle hated to see elven god become so powerful, but there was no way to stop him now.  

Slaanesh did not care. As forth he had the smallest influence, yet with support of his cunning wife he was stronger than Khorne himself.

Cytharai were so bold and arrogant that they had declared war on both Chaos and Cadai.

The War in the Warp

War was long and bloody. Ereth Khial and Isha were using all their magnificent powers against each and all mortal Eldar trembled.

Khaela Mensha Khaine, the Lord of Murder, the Bloody handed God with his WidowmakerNumerous battles were fought. Khaine, precious son of Dark Mother tried to take his vendetta on Chaos god Khorne, who was constantly taking what should belong to him. He even let vile Star Gods called C´Thun infuse him with their dark power to become more powerful than the Lord of Skulls. But Khorne proved to be too strong.

Slaanesh was so displeased with his son, that he publicly humiliated him. From now on, furious Khaine swore to take vengeance upon both Khorne and Slaanesh.

Khaine was now called by many names such as the lord of Murder, the Bloody Handed God or the Reaper. He became very popular among mortal Elves, who were in war almost constantly now. Even some humans started to worship him.

With powers of C´Thun at his command he founded the art of necromancy. He also kidnapped Vaul, the Smith God, to gain access to his mighty weapons. After he crippled the Smith, he forced him to forge mighty Widowmakers.

Other Gods were so scared of them, that they forced him to destroy them. Secretly he hid one of them on starship of the Old Ones, who were just travelling through Warp.

cadaiThe starship unknowingly transported it on the World of Dragons. Later Old Ones found the Widowmaker. For some secret purpose they left it on Ulthuan, local homeland of the Elves.

Meanwhile Anath Raema tried to kill Kurnous numerously, who refused all her amorous attempts. For first time Kurnous was not the hunter but the hunted.

Most hated of all Cadai became Lileath, for her awesome magic powers easily dispelled all vile sorceries of her cousin Hekarti, Cytharai goddess of dark magic, and her pure essence protected Elven souls from influence of Slaanesh.

Her father Asuryan saw her as his successor and she was his most beloved child. But Slaanesh had his favourite daughter as well.

Atharti, wild Cytharai of pleasure, indulgence and perversion was as wicked and as treacherous as her own father. She tried to seduce Lileath numerously, but Moon Maiden always defended her innocence.

The efforts of Atharti made a trick however, for Lileath was no longer able to protect Elven Soul from power of Slaanesh.Atharti, the Pleasureseeker and Lileath, the Moon Maiden

Thus great slaughtering began. Slaanesh made a pact with Nurgle and thus he was able to declare open war upon his most hated foe: Khorne. As a payment he gave Nurgle his most prized prisoner: Isha.

It was a cunning move. By imprisoning Isha in Nurgles kingdom, he greatly weakened him, for Isha´s holy powers were like poison for Nurgle´s Gardens of Pestilence.

The Shattering of Chaos

Thus began constant war between gods of Chaos. Things got even more complicated when Hekarti started with stealing raw powers of Tzeentch.

The Changer of the Ways soon realized this cunning goddess was feeding upon him like some parasitic insect, and all his efforts to destroy her failed.

The situation was eventually saved by Loec. This god of tricks and dancing was called by many names such as Adamnan-na-Brionha and Cegorach, and was an offspring of an affair between Anath Raema and Hoeth, Cadai god of wisdom.

He pushed Chaos gods even more against themselves and through trickery rescued Isha ( Poxfulcrum ) from the Gardens of Pestilence.

He eventually became lover of Slaanesh and became a source of disputes between Dark Prince and Dark Mother.

Thus Cadai family was united, while Chaos and Cytharai were weakened by inner fights. Both groups remain powerful though and hungry C´Thun still wait for their chance…

The mortal Eldar on all Craftworlds and planets ( like the World of the Dragons ) are the ones, who hold the fates of their their gods in their palms.

 The King and Queen of Mirai, the Underworldcytharai


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