Sylvanas Windrunner of the Forsaken

11 ledna, 2009

Sylvanas was born into prominent family of Windrunners. She was the strongest of the Farstriders, elven rangers wielding druidic magic. As such she became the Ranger-General of Silvermoon and together with her sister Aleera helped the Alliance during the Second Wars and thus saved Quel´Thalas itself from the orcs and forest trolls.

Later death knight Arthas led an undead invasion into her homeland in order to abuse the powers of the Sunwell for resurrection of slain necromancer Kel´Thuzad as well as to eliminate the High Elves.

Sylvanas first fought him at the bordelands of Quel´thalas, where Eastern Plaguelands are today. Arthas and his undead Scourge managed to penetrate her defenses through their vast numbers and necromancy. Eventually undead conquered inner Kingdom and changed it into corrupted Ghostlands.

After many battles Arthas cornered Sylvanas and her rangers with his undead lackeys and slaughtered them as well as most of the High Elven population. Such was his hate and respect for the slain Ranger-General that he resuerrected her as the Banshee Queen.

Nahá Sylvanas se mračí na budoucího Krále Lichů :-D

Nahá Sylvanas se mračí na budoucího Krále Lichů 😀

Bound by the will of the Lich King, Sylvanas was forced to lead the undead siege of Silvermoon herself. Arthas ,,rewarded“ her by returning her spirit to her dead body. Thus Sylvanas became the first of the Dark Rangers.

Kel´Thuzad was reborn as a powerful lich and Sunwell was corrupted and lost to the Highborne. Survivors renamed themseleves in order to honour their lost comrades and relatives. They shall be known as Sindorei, the Blood Elves. Vereesa Windrunner, younger sister of Sylvanas, would become leader of the few remaining High Elves.

Sylvanas became a general of the Scourge and right hand of Arthas himself. Later Lich King started to loose his power over strongest undead and Sylvanas immeadiately recognized her chance. Secretly she met with three dreadlords: Varimathras, Detheroc and Balnazar.

Later she almost killed Arthas, but he was saved by his loyal minion Kel´Thuzad and freed from her grasp. Arthas left for Northrend and Sylvanas meanwhile started civil war among remaining undead. She enslaved Varimathras and slew the remaining dreadlords.

Bound Sylvanas with lesbian Red Dragon Queen :-D

Bound Sylvanas with lesbian Red Dragon Queen 😀

From now she would be known as the Dark Lady of the Forsaken and so she joined the Horde in order to destroy the Scarlet Crusade as well as her arch nemesis: Arthas.

After gaining respect of Thrall himself and plotting with tauren hag Magatha, Sylvanas allowed the Blood Elves to join the Horde. With huge forces at her back Sylvanas travelled to Northrend, where she witnessed the final death of the Lich King Arthas from the hands of the noble children of Azeroth.

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