the Symphony of Flame and Shadow ( yaoi , Slash : Kael / Illidan )

21 srpna, 2008
young Illidan, the Sorceror, the Betrayer, the Demon Hunter

young Illidan, the Sorceror, the Betrayer, the Demon Hunter

Illidan was screaming in desperation and fear. He had faced the worst demons and dragons in the last few months, but the idea of being kept underground for eternity was unbearable. Ages without moon-light, stars and Tyrande…oh Tyrande…even now she was silent, her cold silver eyes mercilessly watching his cage as she held the hand of this treacherous twin-brother. Illidan roared in fury as Maiev, Califax and all other Wardens transported him to the very entrance of the underworld…

Young Kale, the Sun Prince, the Wizard Adept, an Archmage of Dalaran

Young Kale, the Sun Prince, the Wizard Adept, an Archmage of Dalaran

Kael was trying to stop himself from crying as he stood beside tall window in the Violet Spire. Down below were dozens and dozens of his people ready to leave Eastern Kingdoms aboard human ships with Jaina Proudmoore…Jaina…not long ago even mere mention of her name would cause his heart to fall to pieces…Elves were extremely sensual and emotional beings, falling in love passionately and often…but all he could think about now were the few possible survivors in his kingdom…recently half-dead elven messenger arrived with apocalyptic news. The Quel´Thalas has fallen. The Sunwell was destroyed, his royal father killed, his people butchered as cattle…by the very man who stole Jaina from him…

Even after ten thousand years his brother treated his as a satyr…this time he had made even greater sacrifice…he consumed the Skull of Guldan…Illidan chose to bear a burden no one else would…and yet instead of martyr he was considered as a betrayer again…even eredar demon-lords admitted he saved Azeroth from them…and instead of gratitude he received hatred…Tyrande looked at him as if he was some kind of rotting worm…the disgust and hatred deformed her perfect features the moment she saw his new form…he was cursed, malformed, mutilated and crippled only to be wronged once more…but they will all pay for their hypocrisy and cruelty soon enough…

Illidan and Kael´thas

Illidan and Kael´thas

Submissive uke Kael

imprisoned Kael

Kael was waiting with his loyal brethren for certain death within the magical cells of Dalaran. They all betrayed him. Neither Modera nor Jaina tried save him or his people…Without shame they watched as that racist Garithos gathered his Highborn comrades as dogs and sentenced to death…they even posted Kassan and his enforcers to help with executions…Kael was really desperate when suddenly his ally of old emerged…Vashj told him of the demon he once encountered…Illidan…she told him about his arcane knowledge, vast power and Highborne origin…could he be their messiah?…maybe…he has already called upon the darkest sorceries of Burning Legion in order to save his people, he would call upon this kaldorei demon just the same…

Forbidden Lovers in Outland

Forbidden Lovers in Outland

His escape for Outland was in vain…he was finally captured by his eternal nemesis: the Warden Maiev. He was held in the very cage he knew from his first prison…Suddenly a number of fair crimson-dressed elves ambushed his captors with the assistance of naga…Lady Vashj shattered his cage and as he stood up to greet her, he noticed a very young male elf beside her…It was the very same golden-haired prince who helped his brother to catch him in Dalaran…He looked strong and vulnerable at the same time as his arcane heritage, youth and title marked him both as aprince as well as a slave. The prince tried to look stoic and confident, yet Illidan clearly saw in his eyes the loneliness and need which he first witnessed in his brothers eyes so long ago as they first approached their mentor, demigod Cenarius. This youth, prince Kael, tried to look as a leader to his desperate people, yet he was nothing but a child by elven standards, fragile boy seeking guidance from an experienced man…

Kael leaves his master Illidan

Kael leaves his master Illidan

Even after years in Outland Kael still had nightmares about Scourge and slaughtering of Sun-blessed as did most of his brethren. It was during these nightmares when his master would hold him in his huge arms, wrap him in his leathery wings and sate his hunger for magic by the most lascivious means. For the first time in their long lives would they forget about the kaldorei priestess and the human sorceress who broke their hearts so many times. In Outland they became gods and even greatest demons saw them as a threat. But their happiness would not last forever. Dark cold wraiths of Azeroth as well as burning eredars of Argus would destroy the harmony and bond between these outcasts and soon will they find their doom…yet it was Voren´thal the Seer as well as Prophet Velen who foretold, that the Son of Flames and Father of Shadows would meet again in the Twisting Nether and share both pain and pleasure for eons to come…

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  1. this myth refers to what culture?

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